White Creamy Icing Wilton

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Pipe borders, flowers and more with this Wilton Ready-to-Use White Buttercream Icing. Also great for piping swirls, stars and other decorations, this buttercream frosting tub makes piping easy and fun.

Medium consistency buttercream icing is ideal for piping borders and other decorations on your treats. You can add powdered sugar to this icing for a thicker consistency (for piping stiffer petals, leaves or stand-up decorations) or add water to thin it out (for spreading on cakes or piping cupcake swirls).

The bright white color of this buttercream means it’s easy to tint using gel icing colors (sold separately)! Buttercream icing sets but does not dry hard. Do not stack or tightly package treats decorated with buttercream frosting.